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Version 2.1
for DMX 2004

Download complete package
4 languages, Read me, examples, all included.
mui-gui-complete-e.zip | for Macintosh and Windows (1.7 MB)

Download single components and arrange by yourself
You will need at least:
MUI-GUI and 1 language module.
MUI-GUI (the Tool) Copy your downloads into one folder, something like:


for Mac and Win (204 K)
(contains Language.cct and Quick Start)
Language modules (single cct-files)
(about 250 K each) Deutsch (German.cct)

English (English.cct)

Nederlands (Dutch.cct)

Italiano (Italian.cct)
Read Me (html)
for Mac and Win (60 K)
Examples (examples.dir)
for Mac and Win (480 K)

The older MUI-GUI version 2.0.3 for Director 8.x and MX is still available here.

A help section is included in MUI-GUI: ???-Button