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Read Me English English 2.1
Version 2.0.3
for 8.x to MX

Download complete package
4 languages, Read me, examples, all included.
Archive Self extracting
Mac .sit (1.7 MB) .sea.bin (1.8 MB)
Win .zip (1.7 MB) .exe (1.8 MB)

Download single components and arrange by yourself
You will need at least:
MUI-GUI (contains Language.cct and Quick Start) and 1 language module.
The Tool MUI-GUI Copy your downloads into one folder, something like:

Mac .sit (208 K) .sea.bin (308 K)
Win .zip (204 K) .exe (316 K)
Language modules Deutsch (German.cct)
single cct-files English (English.cct)
(about 250 K each) Nederlands (Dutch.cct)
Italiano (Italian.cct)
Read me (html)
Mac .sit (68 K) .sea.bin (164 K)
Win .zip (60 K) .exe (172 K)
Examples (examples.dir)
Mac .sit (440 K) .sea.bin (544 K)
Win .zip (464 K) .exe (548 K)
A help section is included in MUI-GUI: ???-Button